7 Most Frequently Asked Question about Glamour Studios

Of late, there has been a huge increase in the number of clients who are looking to glamour photography studios to capture beautiful images of themselves. This style of image has become increasingly popular as it not only acts as a fantastic keepsake, but is also a great way in which to pamper and treat yourself to a day where you can look and feel like a star. However, due to the nature of the photo shoot, some clients may feel uneasy about what the shoot will entail and what will be expected of them, amongst other queries. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions glamour photography studios are asked by clients and the information you need before you book your all important photo shoot!

1. Will my wardrobe be provided for me at the glamour photography studio?

This will all depend on the studio and what your ideas are in terms of your images. Professional glamour studios will have a range of garments which you can wear but will always be open to you bringing your own clothes if this makes you feel more comfortable or you are unhappy with their wardrobe selection. If you wish to have images which are completely different to others which have been taken in the studio, bringing your own clothes is always best. However, studios that do not specialize in glamour photography may not have as much clothing for you to use.

2. How long will my glamour photography experience go for?

This will depend on the glamour photography studio in which you opt to use, but this will be discussed with you prior to the shoot. Taking into consideration time for setting up and styling, a shoot may last for up to 4 hours.

3. Does glamour photography mean I must be nude?

There is often the misconception that glamour photography means the subject must be nude. However, it is important that these are your photographs and you can wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable doing so. Your photographer may suggest things in terms of a bit of flesh being on display here or there but if you feel uncomfortable, simply state so and he will be experienced enough to think of alternatives to create a similar image.

4. Do you need to be 'glamorous' in order for this type of photography to suit me?

Quite simply put most glamour studios will look to portray you in glamorous ways using wardrobe, make up and certain direction. They will also do their utmost to help you feel relaxed which will make your images more successful. Glamour can be perceived in a number of ways but more often than not, it comes from confidence and true beauty.

5. Can my glamour photography shoot be taken at my home for comfort and ease?

It is understandable that some customers will wish to have their images taken at home where they feel less vulnerable and safer as it were. Some photographers may agree to this but many won't as without the use of a professional studio, your images will not have the same level of quality. Professional lighting and camera equipment is part of what creates a fantastic glamour image, not just the subject. If you wish to have these taken at home you will need the service of a location photographer but this will not guarantee the desired final images you want.

6. What is the difference between glamour, boudoir and artistic photography?

This is commonly asked as when researching into different glamour photography studios, a client will often come across similar studios which advertise themselves as boudoir or artistic studios which can cause some confusion. Boudoir photography usually refers to images which are soft, natural and have a feeling of intimacy about them. Glamour is a lot edgier and will involve more modeling in terms of the poses and commonly involves harsher make up, hair and wardrobe. Artistic images can differ from how each photographer perceives this style but usually this will involve images which are shot in a well designed studio and are worthy of being portrayed as a piece of art in themselves. Alternatively, they may be quirky images which are different and take on different styles in terms of composition, make up and poses.

7. How will my final glamour photos be presented once finished?

As with other styles of professional photography, your glamour images will be printed on glossy paper and cropped in order to make the most of the composition. Your studio will allow for you to view your images before you leave the session so that you can take a look at the work before alterations are made (where necessary) which will also aid you in choosing which images you wish to have blown up or framed. Each studio will have their own packages so it is best to inquire about this before you make your booking.

As with any other service you would use, when looking for a glamour photography studio for your images, the more research you do, the more confident you will be in terms of the quality you can receive from the studio and your final images. It is only by researching into what you can expect and speaking with your chosen glamour photography studio that you will feel at ease and able to feel ready to pose like a star!